Ministry Partnership Program
What is the Partnership Program?

We believe that there are those in your ministry that will be inspired by our story (God’s Story). Accordingly, we want to encourage you to share our testimony within your sphere of influence, while contributing a portion of our proceeds back to your ministry in furtherance of building God’s Kingdom inside and out of the four walls of the church.


That’s what the Ministry Partnership Program is all about!

How does it work?

Simply share the Revelations Café Film website with your congregation and for every donation to watch the film, purchase of a Summit All-Access Pass, or book order, we’ll tithe 10% of net profits back to your ministry. On all of our payment forms, there is a required drop-down selection menu listing our Ministry Partners.


It’s absolutely critical that those who you refer select your ministry on the payment form so that we know who to remit the tithe to.

How are tithes calculated?

Tithes are calculated as 10% of our net profits. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The Film: For every dollar donated to watch, we net $0.90 after processing fees, so we will tithe $0.09 on every dollar.
  • The Book: We net $7 per copy after printing and freight, so we will tithe $0.70.
  • The All-Access Pass: We net $50 after royalties and processing fees, so we will tithe $5.
How do I sign up?

Partnership is available to authorized agents of American ministries, churches, and other religious organizations. To begin, fill out the form below, and we will get in touch shortly to complete the process.