2021 | Documentary | 1hr 30 mins
The Film

REVELATIONS CAFÉ is a feature length documentary film that tells the story of Mia and Robby Graham, two improbable founders of a unique plant-based, faith-based café in Lutz, Florida. With little more than divine inspirations, Mia and Robby built their dream café from the ground up in a former mattress store with no existing kitchen. They had a vision for a café based on their Christian faith, but they had no experience in the restaurant business and their menu did not include meat or alcohol. Considering these challenges, and the fact that half of all new restaurants fail, they faced long odds.

When Producer-Director John Corry (FORKS OVER KNIVES, THE BOWDEN DYNASTY), stumbled on a Facebook post announcing the café’s opening in February 2019 he reached out to Robby, his friend back in high school, and the two reacquainted. After a surprisingly successful first year in operation, the Covid pandemic struck in March 2020 and Revelations Café was shut down. It was during those quiet weeks that Mia and Robby decided to rebrand their café before it reopened. First, they made the menu even healthier with new Chef Lori Martin’s expertise and a prepared frozen food line. Then they dedicated themselves to exploring as many ways as possible to promote the plant-based lifestyle outside the café to the local community.